Did the increase for the two-shot shotgun make it more useful?

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Fortnite fans are not all that happy with the two-shot shotgun.

Sure the drum shotgun and ranger shotgun had their fair share of issues (working too well and taking too long to load respectively), but what you can’t say they were ever unusable. That’s not the case for the current shotgun that fans are using, or trying to. The two-shot shotgun is the new “hotness” in Fortnite.

It was rolled out with the hammer assault rifle and designated marksman rifle for the year. The hammer assault rifle is a nice mid-range weapon that does pack a wallop but against an SMG, you’re going to be outpaced. The designated marksman rifle may just be the best rifle in the game, full stop. At least for range attacks.

It’s got a fast trigger, a deep clip, and packs a punch. It’s terrible if you’re not picking off guys from at least mid-range but that’s why you carry something else with it. Just don’t make that “something else” a two-shot shotgun.

Fans hate the two-shot shotgun for good reason and updating it won’t help

Fans are not happy with the two-shot shotgun. It’s slow, it’s weak and it’s just ineffective. I hate the pump shotgun with a passion and have taken up using that for close encounters simply because it’s more reliable. I’m not the only one who hates the new shotgun, as others have spoken out too, causing Epic Games to update the weapon.

The issue is, like with the burst assault rifle, it’s just not practical in combat. If you’re sneaking up on someone, sure, it may do its job, but if you’re getting into a shootout with a player with a faster weapon, you’re doomed.

The drum shotgun got rid of that issue and matched the rate of speed other guns were at or were close enough to at least keep pace.

The gun is a dud and no amount of changing it will help.

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