Rumor: Fortnite introducing a first-person mode soon and that sounds awful

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Fortnite is rumored to be bringing in first-person mode.

Fortnite has made some pretty big changes as of late. They’ve introduced giant dinosaurs, weather effects that both hurt and help you, the ability to grow your own weapons, free-running, and climbing, plus an overshield to be used in Zero Build mode.

Oh, and Zero Build mode, where you can’t build anything. They also introduced a new controller layout but that seems to have died a death quietly.

The one thing that Fortnite fans never thought they’d see come into the game is a first-person mode, and that seems to be a real possibility coming into the game later this year. According to HYPEX, a reliable source for Fortnite news, the parent company of Fortnite, Epic Games, is developing a new first-person shooting mode.

That’s not a change I’m really looking forward to and will likely never use.

Fortnite made its name by not being like every other shooter and now it’s trying to be.

I’m not for a first-person mode in the game. The excess of first-person shooters is suffocating and too many franchises are going that way for the sake of the dreaded virtue reality devices. No doubt the VR influence is what’s driving Fortnite to do this. It’s what led Resident Evil to go that direction and sure, there are fans of that genre.

The problem is I hate that genre and want it nowhere near my preferred games, like Resident Evil and Fortnite.

Now, first-person modes have worked in non-traditional first-person games, like Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto, which were features that you could toggle in between or only use sparingly.

That seems to be what they’re doing here, and that would be the preferred way to do this if they end up doing it at all.

Part of the joy of playing the game is seeing your character interact with the wild environment around them, and this will really nerf that whole concept. It makes the desire to purchase outfits all but redundant because who cares what other players look like in a match?

This is a bad idea, and it worries me that they’re considering introducing it.

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