Fortnite has launched Chapter 3, Season 3’s first week of Quests

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Get started on Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 3: Week 1 Quests

Fans of Fortnite, you should know by now that there is more than one gameplay mode for those looking to get in on the action. Beyond just trying to eliminate everyone you see, you can also take place in seasonal quests. We talked about Zero Week quests, and now that means we’re on to the first official week of questing.

As with the previous set of quests, Week 1 is all about getting players’ feet wet with the new items and mechanics of the season. We’re talking planting, harvesting, riding something; probably, and of course, dancing.

That’s right, it’s a party this summer on the isle of Fortnite, and while a dangerous fungus is taking over the island, the rest of the inhabitants don’t care. It’s like that scene from Hocus Pocus where all the parents are going to dance until they’re dead.

Kind of like that one Maps song…Ironic.

But there is no death in Fortnite, merely eliminations, so if you can keep one step ahead of the bread line and one swing ahead of the sword, you may not be able to steal what you can’t afford but you may be able to complete some quests.

All Week 1 Quests available for Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 3

Week 1 Quests

"Collect Reality Seeds (3)Damage opponents with a DMR (200)Mod a Whiplash with Off-Road tires and a Cow Catcher, then destroy Structures (50)Dance at different crashed IO Airships (3)Gain Shields by bouncing on Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms (10)Search Chests at Condo Canyon or Tilted Towers (5)Visit the Zero Point in a Motorboat (1)"

Completing the Week 1 Quests will reward players with a total of 105,000 XP, with 15,000 XP awarded for each completed Quest.

If you’re struggling to complete any of these, be sure to look around on Twitter, Youtube, or any other online source for tips, tricks, and helpful techniques in finishing your tasks for week one.

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