Relive the epic and hilarious trailer from Fortnite’s Invasion arc

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Fortnite is well into Chapter 3, Season 3 but it was just one year ago the aliens arrived.

If you were to hop into Super Mario Bros. or Metal Gear Solid II: Sons of Liberty after all these years, the games would be literally the same. Those experiences don’t change, they don’t age, and they don’t adapt. They are what they are. That’s not the same for Fortnite, which as a franchise has not just embraced change, but is built by change.

June 8 marked the date the Fortnite community celebrated one year since the start of the Invasion storyline that would lead the series until the end of Chapter 2. The ships that came in belonged to the Last Reality and the arc that followed would go from June until the end of the year, with players going through two seasons fighting those aliens.

It was a hugely successful arc and brought in a lot of new players. The trailer for its launch was arguably the best part about it.

Three reasons I love the trailer for Fortnite’s Invasion storyline

Peely as “John Doe”

Firstly, Peely, you adorable fool. I love how they were doing this secret interview with Peely, afraid to show his name or face, but you can clearly tell it’s him. It’s dumb, it’s silly, it’s telegraphed and that’s why it’s dang funny.

Mothmando going into the light

The second part of the trailer that made me laugh was when the aliens arrived and lit up the sky, causing Mothmando to investigate and immediately get entranced by what he sees. Again, obvious gag joke but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a fantastic sight gag.

Area 51 Alien

Lastly comes at the end of the trailer when the aliens begin destroying the island, you get a glimpse of everyone running, but the Area 51 Alien, who stands there celebrating. I did not see that coming.

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