5 best new locations/updates in Fortnite for Chapter 3, Season 3

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Fortnite has updated its island for Chapter 3, Season 3.

Fortnite fans are used to seeing the island change over time. It’s part of the way that Epic Games, the developer, keeps enticing fans to come back to the island to get involved. With constant changes, comes constant new things to explroe and discover.

Not only that, but it also forces players to update their tactics, so they don’t become complacent with how they play the game. It’s a consatn contest and the developers make sure that people have to up their game every so often.

It’s also great to see the developers create new landscapes and update the look, just for a cosmetics purpose. While not ever location is recommended as a drop in site, the sheer beauty of some of these selections cannot be ignored.

That’s why we’re looking at our five-favorite new locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. These aren’t recommendations for you to start your game, just the ones we think are best looking.

Our five favorite new locations in Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 3

Reality Falls

Reality Falls is the new central point of the map. It features a towering tree, a huge crater filled with lush plant life and roaring waterfalls you can enter. It’s a deathtrap if you’re looking to drop in here, as you’ll be in the middle of a pit, but it sure is pretty to look at.

Rave Cave

The Rave Cave is the former base of the Imagined Order, and now members of the Seven’s guard force can be found in there dancing. No doubt you’ll see it used in concerts on the island as well. The colors, the almost lazer-tag like vibe and the general feeling of the location just resonates with us.

Greasy Grove

A split elevation landmark is always fun. While Greasy Grove’s former look made me inveious that I didn’t live on the island, the new look after the fungi invaded has made me thankful I don’t live there. The new Greasy Grove is split in two disticnt levels of elevation and it can be one heck of a landing spot if you pick the right spot. The now-purple trees and fungi growing here really gives it a summer feel.

Loot Lake

Loot Lake is the party lake in every movie ever. All you’re missing is a bunc of people in skimpy bathing suits and some giant water canons and you’d have everyone’s favorite summer vacation spot. Just, keep your head on a swivle.

Drill Hill

Finally, we have Drill Hill, who is using the IO’s former drill as a central hub for their new multi-colored container home camp. The layout creativity and colors just scream summer luxury.

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