3 weapons we wish Fortnite didn’t vault for Chapter 3, Season 3

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Fortnite made the call to vault some weapons we wish they didn’t.

Chapter 3, Season 3 has brought some interesting changes to the game, like a refreshed map that got rid of Camp Cuddle and instead replaced it with a giant tree that casts a gorgeous shadow over most of the island. The little island off the southwestern coast was also removed from the game, really showing just how in-depth they went in changing the game’s map.

The map wasn’t the only thing that got a massive overhaul either, with a lot of the established weapons from the season getting vaulted. While a regular changeup of the armory isn’t unexpected, we lost some real gems this season.

That’s what we’re talking about today, the three weapons we wished the folks at Fortnite left around because they were awesome.

Three weapons we wish Fortnite would’ve left for us in for Chapter 3, Season 3

Drum Shotgun

I think most people hated being on the other end of a drum shotgun, especially in Zero Build mode, but that’s the appeal. So much of Fortnite revolves around people with different skill levels going up against one another in situations that favor one or the other. Some weapons even the playing field, as they should and the drum shotgun was one of them.

Ranger Shotgun

I loved this ranged weapon. It was a great mid-range item to carry with you and the range and destruction it caused was truly fun. It was a bit more of a skilled weapon, with patience being needed, but that’s what made it so much fun. Only having one shot at a time, and needing to be nearly perfect with your shot or risk being gun-downed made it the ultimate combat flex. Getting eliminated by one usually was a sign you were up against real skill.

Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle

The thermal scoped rifle isn’t as devastating as the designated marksman rifle that was introduced, but the ability to see your opponent better from the same range as a sniper made it crazy effective. I’d love the DMR to get a thermal scope. That’s how one goes god mode.

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