3 weapons we’re glad Fortnite got vaulted for Chapter 3, Season

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Fortnite vaulted a bunch of weapons for Chapter 3, Season 3.

Fortnite has vaulted a bunch of weapons for the Vibin season that is Chapter 3, Season 3. They do this every few weeks or so to keep the lineup of weapons fresh for fans, so things don’t get stale. The problem with that is sometimes they add new weapons that suck, take away weapons we really liked, or kept weapons that we’re not fans of.

Sometimes, though, sometimes they take away the worst of the worst. Now, not every trash gun got vaulted, the burst rifle is still here to be a pain in my rear.

Yet, some weapons were taken away that were absolute nightmares, and I for one am glad they’re gone. So here are the three weapons that got vaulted I won’t miss.

Three weapons we’re glad to see vaulted in Fortnite’s newest season

MK-Seven Assault Rifle

The MK-Seven is the bane of my competitive existence. I’d argue that out of every time I’m eliminated, three out of five times was at the hands of this nightmare. Not even from head-on, either. Always, somehow, from behind. Automatic guns are the sneaker’s favorite type of gun, and I for one am glad their most used item is out of commission for now.

Light Machine Gun

The light machine gun, more than anything, was just a disappointment. The weapon had a nasty kick and was hard to steady for a bit, but the deep clip helped. The biggest issue however was that it was absolute bonk in long-range combat and you couldn’t actually use it as one would in real life, by playing it against something and making yourself a mini-turret.

Anvil Rocket Launcher

The anvil rocket launcher was only brought in to balance out the tanks, but they became quickly more powerful than the tanks, making the tanks a moot point for the season. Which was just the dumbest move they made. The launcher outside of its use against tanks, was largely useless and didn’t really add much to the combat.

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