Fortnite got rid of Camp Cuddle and I feel personally attacked

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Fortnite got rid of Camp Cuddle and I feel personally attacked, but not really.

So, Fortnite is a lot of fun, but it’s just a game at the end of the day. Not worth getting worked up over. That said when Fortnite launched with Chapter 3, Season 3, I knew changes were coming. I expected them and hell, I welcomed them. I just didn’t know they would go after my baby. My favorite drop-in spot on the map during Chapter 3, Season 2 was Camp Cuddle.

There was a park ranger building to the west of the island that housed the fire-watch tower. In that building, there were usually five different chests, as well as several ammo crates, and plenty of shield juice to go around. The best part was that hardly anyone ever dropped in there. For the length of Chapter 3, Season 2, I maybe had five, or six encounters there.

It was perfect. Then you could hop right into the fray as people had already begun fighting (as most players dropped in near the larger buildings in the north) and pick them off. It was full of loot and just enough players to get you engaged but not so many you’re constantly on a swivel.

Fortnite removing Camp Cuddle really sucks.

Back to Coney Crossroads, I guess

When the map got flipped, I found Cone Crossroads to be my favorite spot to drop in. You land on top of the ice cream shop, and you’re usually rewarded with a few weapons. Then you can get a pretty easy elimination by hitting the blue house’s large gas tank on its side. Usually, that’d get you a quick elimination and would set you up for a good run.

During Chapter 3’s second season, however, that was no longer a good place to drop in due to the Imagined Order guards patrolling in the tank. Now that they’re gone, it now remains a solid spot to drop in at.

But I’ll never forget you Camp Cuddle.

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