The Seven adds a member & an update on villain after Fortnite’s Collision

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Jones apparently joined The Seven during Fortnite’s Collision event.

Jones’ story arc in Fortnite is one of the best in all of video games currently. Starting off as a member of the Imagined Order, Jones betrayed the group and started helping The Seven in their fight for the island. After an agreement with The Foundation, Jones became an unofficial ally of the group, as long as The Foundation got his hands on Geno.

Geno, being the father of the Seven members The Imagined and The Order, is the key villain in this whole conflict and a person Jones is doing all he can to help get the Seven to. During the most recent live event, Collision, Geno’s Imagined Order group attempted to use their doomsday weapon to destroy the Zero Point in an attempt to create the universe in their image.

The good guys won, and the world was saved but in during the build-up to the event and during the final fight, Jones took his place among The Seven and dubbed himself The Legend. At first it seemed like a gimmick but both The Foundation and The Paradigm both addressed him as such.

So it looks like The Seven is now The Eight.

Did Fortnite really kill off Doctor Slone?

At the end of the event, The Foundation and The Legend (Jones) lept into the Zero Point chasing after Geno. Their story is now left in limbo as the season plays out. Another storyline left in limbo is the fate of Doctor Slone.

During the event, The Legend (Jones) attempted to convince Slone to leave the Imagined Order behind and join them, but she refused and was about to use her tank to end Legend/Jones. Before she could, The Paradigm was able to smash her tank with her hand, sending her tank crashing to the bottom of the cavern.

This left many wondering if Slone was killed by The Paradigm. Yet, according to Top5Gaming, if you look closely enough, you can see Slone returning inside the tank before the strike, suggesting that Slone didn’t get smushed.

Only time will tell what happens next to these key characters.

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