4 items we hope carry over into Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

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Here are four items we hope don’t get vaulted in Chapter 3, Season 3

Fortnite is rolling over into Chapter 3, Season 3 on Sunday, and with it comes to an entirely new experience just waiting to happen. With seasonal changes comes new items, weapons, and accessories added and removed from the island to help the game feel fresh.

That’s usually great but we’re hoping that the game developers leave some items for us in the next season. After all, the game is pretty great as is, and too many massive changes can only risk running players off.

So these are the items, weapons, and accessories we hope don’t get removed from the game in Chapter 3, Season 3.

Here are four items we hope get carried over into Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

Thermal Assault Rifle

The Thermal Assault Rifle would do very well in a desert/sandy climate, and it’s proven its worth in combat situations. This is the perfect medium-to-long-range weapon. The game can’t afford to lose it.

Drum Shotgun

The drum shotgun is the easiest weapon to get used to and that’s exactly why it should be kept around. The game needs easy-to-use weapons for beginners and something with a nice spread for those with controllers that aren’t exactly the best.


Give me the tanks or give me the mech suits from Chapter 2, either or. The tanks allow for some crazy wide range levels of destruction, and that’s not easily replaced. So why bother? Keep the tanks around so that players can really get into it with the new, alleged, sandy terrain.


Balloons are the perfect mode of transportation. They’re quick enough to move you out of harm’s way, they allow players to keep firing without worrying about where you’re going. They allow for a high rate of mobility unlike a lot of other travel-based items and are basically just a lot of goofy fun.

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