Could all Warner Bros. characters be banned from Fortnite going forward?

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Warner Bros. Multiversus may limit characters crossing over in Fortnite.

If you’ve not been paying attention, Warner Bros. is going hard into the gaming sphere this year with their new fighting game, Multiversus, a play on the term multiverse. The game features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, several members of Scooby-Doo, characters from Adventure Time, Steven Universe, the Looney Tunes, and other Warner Bros. properties, duking it out in classic side-scrolling combat.

The game is probably going to see an influx of new characters to the game over time, as Warner Bros. has a lot of properties and characters it can use, but with so much effort and money being invested in a game that is, as of right now, getting good reviews in Closed Alpha, one has to wonder what the larger implications are.

Namely, how would this game affect Fortnite? After all, Fortnite has had many collaborations with DC Comics in the past, which is owned by Warner Bros.

According to one leak, as covered by Top5Gaming, Warner Bros is banning any and all collaborations with Fortnite (more likely just a general ban, and not specifically Fortnite) as a way to help promote and solidify its new game, Multiversus.

If that’s true, that means that crossovers with the franchises may be extremely limited going forward. It may also explain why Marvel Comics and Star Wars, subsidiaries of Disney, have all been popping up more and more recently in the last seven or so months.

This may have been a long-waited event for Epic Games, and they may have chosen to instead double down on the Disney of it all, knowing their access to Warner Bros. characters would be extremely limited.

Which is sad, I hoped for a Bugs Bunny crossover at some point, and who wouldn’t have loved an Iron Giant live event?

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