Peely is starting to grow on me but Unpeely is nightmare fuel

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Peely ain’t a bad egg at all, but Unpeely is pure nightmare fuel.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t “get” Peely when I first started playing last year. I saw him as a Banana’s in Pajamas knockoff that the game was way too invested in. So when I got that Polar Peely costume over the Christmas holiday, I had no real desire to use it. Why would anyone want to be a giant banana?

I get it though, I get it now. Peely is a clown in the best way possible. His entire story during Chapter 3, Season 2 was fantastic. The entire island is going to war and here’s Peely, just driving around like a dork, crashing dozens and I mean dozens of vehicles trying to learn to drive.

It got to a point where he had an untold number of speeding tickets apparently, on top of just causing so much destruction on the streets. Then he started flipping his trucks over by the lighthouse and we all thought; dang, you’re never gonna get it.

But he did, he did get it and he came to our rescue in the Chapter 3, Season 2 Live Event: Collision.

Peely was redeemed. A tip fo the cap to the banana, as he’s won me over. That said, Unpeely is a nightmare from which there is no recovery.

Unpeely scares me more than Peely Bone ever could

In Fortnite, Peely isn’t a banana that can hop in and out of his peel lickty split. As Peely Bone has shown us, the peel is his skin. It’s attached to him. So to see a peel-less Peely standing around, skinless basically, wearing a hat and sunglasses like he didn’t just skin himself is unsettling. Just sunbathing on the side of Loot Lake like anyone else. Except he’s not anyone else, he’s a banana missing his peel. How is that not unsettling to anyone else?

Unpeely is supposed to be a summer goof, just a version of our favorite banana that is seen in all his glory. To me, howver, he’ll forever be nightmare fuel. As he stands there, giving people the thumbs up, all while his skin is nowhere to be seen. It’s frankly too much for my poor gamer brain to handle.

The horror. The horror.

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