Animal riding in Fortnite has got to go or be massively overhauled

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Fortnite has introduced the ability to ride animals and it needs to go.

I’d say I’m a better-than-most Fortnite player. There are loads of guys and gals better than me but I can hang. Several hundred eliminations, hundreds upon hundreds of Top 10 finishes. I do alright. I’m not some God, but I could make some noise. So when I say that the animal riding in Fortnite is a broken mess, that isn’t some weak player lamenting his inability to “get good”. It’s a fair and honest criticism.

Starting with Chapter 3, Season 3, fans are now able to rid wolves and boars in-game, which allows you to traverse the island while aiming, shooting, re-loading, building, healing and practically everything else you can think of.

This seemed like a good idea at the time, but considering you couldn’t shoot while driving, let alone heal, the ability to make these animals into transportation without imitations has made it beyond broken. It isn’t just the ability to ride, shoot and heal that has me at my wit’s ends, but it’s the fact that the animals are bullet sponges.

The animals have become a de-facto shield in Fortnite

A player has 250 points of damage they can take in Zero Build, but the animal gives you another 100 or so points depending on what it is. If it was the same as a car, where you couldn’t shoot or heal while driving, and you had to leave the vehicle to do either, then this wouldn’t be an issue

It’d be balanced.

Yet, knowing you could be chased down by a rider, who is limited to only his imagination on this thing, makes those who aren’t near or want to ride at a serious disadvantage. The fact that the animal’s head and body often block a good portion of the rider makes it an extremely broken feature.

Fortnite needs to either take away the ability to shoot on the back of the animal or remove the option altogether. It’s a nightmare to have to go up against these guys and they’re even more broken than the Spider-Man web slingers.

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