Leaked details of the new Fortnite Creative 2.0 are interesting

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Fortnite will soon launch its Creative 2.0 and the details are interesting.

Fortnite is constantly evolving itself, and it will be doing that again when its new creative suite comes out for players to use. The current creative feature is pretty in-depth but Fortnite apparently wants to expand on it, and make it more controllable, while also making it far more accessible.

That’s part of the reason why they’re creating a brand new creative outlet for fans to use. This new version of the creative function will be far more expansive and will allow for new and deeper control over the environment.

That’s at least what one leaker is saying. Details of the new creative option have been leaked by Twitter users InTheShade, and the general gist is that this is going to be a wild departure from what fans are used to.

Fortnite’s creative is getting immersive

Fortnite is apparently overhauling a lot of what you can do. Fortnite News compiled a list of all the new features that were leaked, and some of them are incredible.

"Using custom modelsSpawning itemsStorm controllerAI scriptingEvents that can be triggered by anything in-gameChanging game phasesLoading and using game widgetsLoading game assets at runtimeCarsLive team and player statisticsFull control of the HUDScoreboard controlControlling player componentsManage gameplay tagsFull control of NPC charactersCreate, show, hide, destroy and move objectsCreate spawner managerOutfit and Emote capturingControl what happens when a player sees or looks away from another player or deviceSentry device which tracks playersPlayer spawnerRNG systemFull control of player’s inventoriesTeleportation deviceTimer device that can start, save, load, pause and resumeVehicle spawnerVending machine deviceScript deviceControl arrays and data typesDate time utilControl UI elementsShow tooltipsBind and map actionsAdding and controlling particle systemsFull control of audio, lights, physics and gravityModifying objects to change their mesh, material or animationTriggering animations to playUsing custom animationsSpawning entities (similar to actors in Unreal Engine)Level streamingSet events for every tick of the gameControl of speed, vectors, velocity and other game physicsEntity spawningAbility to create and destroy objectsAbility to draw elements and shapes on-screenLogging to the screen or a fileDebuggingMathematics calculations and algorithms"

If you’re a fan of the creative function on Fortnite, you may find some of these changes to be a bit daunting but they should provide a full new challenge to conquer and a far deeper experience for creators to explore and utilize.

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