Fortnite have apparently launched the grapple glove but have they?

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Fortnite has apparently launched the grapple glove but where is it?

Fortnite has told players that the grapple glove would debut today at 9 AM. There were even reports of it being added to the Arena Mode before it was ever supposed to be. Fortnite News even posted an article talking about the v21.00 Hotfix that supposedly added the item to the game.

Wanting to review the grapple glove, I spent about 90 minutes today playing Fortnite and I saw the supposed new grapple glove absolutely nowhere on the map. Not only did I not see it on the map but I didn’t see anyone using it. I didn’t see any signs that it existed.

It was another ordinary day on the Island as far as I was concerned, so I have to ask if it indeed is on the island where was it?

Where is the grapple glove on the Fortnite island

Now, I have not visually confirmed the grapple glove arrival on the Switch just yet, but according to various outlets, it’s there. It’s just not that common to find.

Apparently, there are only 10 grapple gloves on the island and they can only be found in 10 unique spots. So there’s no chance you’re going to find one in a chest anytime soon. According to PC GamesN, this is where you need to drop in to find the grapple glove;

"South of The Joneses, near the main roadOn top of a floating platform east of the Seven Outpost in the archipelago to the east of the mapBy the crossroads east of The Daily BugleNext to the road northeast of Synapse StationOn a cliff close to the river north of Rocky ReelsBy the big cluster of mushrooms southwest of Greasy GroveOn the ground floor in Rave Cave, close to the pool and circular disco floorHeading up the cliff towards the Seven Outpost northwest of LogJam LumberyardOn the cliff east of Shifty Shafts and southwest of Sleepy SoundNorth of the triangular intersection east of Tilted Towers and south of Coney Crossroads"

Have you found the grapple glove yet? What did you think of it when you finally got your hands on one? Let us know in the comment section.

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