The grapple glove is coming to Fortnite tomorrow and my anxiety is too high

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Fortnite is releasing the grapple glove tomorrow according to leakers.

I’ve only been covering playing Fortnite for about eight months now and covering it for even less. I’m well aware that leakers are hit or miss or miss or miss when it comes to things like this. Remember Peter Griffin? We’re still waiting on him. Remember the island losing all of its water? A solid concept but never happened. So here we are, with rumors that the grapple glove is coming tomorrow in Fortnite.

We know the grapple glove is coming, that’s not the issue, we saw it in the season three trailer for Chapter 3. We know it’s inbound, just when is anyone’s guess. Well, we may have an answer to that question.

According to Fortnite News, the grapple glove is indeed coming tomorrow. The item will replace the Spider-Man-themed web-slingers that were very popular but a nightmare to play against.

Grapple gloves are my Fortnite nightmare.

This is largely going to be a humorous rant but man, I hate and I mean I hate the grapple glove idea. I still have nightmares of the “thwip” of the web I grew anxious. It wasn’t so much that they’re scary, it’s just that as a player who uses his Switch (and does very well, thank you very much), the right analog isn’t the best for tracking shots.

If I’m dealing with a very mobile enemy, I just bail, because no matter what weapon I use, I can’t adjust the sensitivity enough to use the weapon as a normal player. So when I see people web-slinging, I just duck and cover until I can get them in a shoot-out. But once they start doing their darn flippy-do’s, I’m ducking and running like a certain Scooby-Doo.

Like Zoinks, man, I really hate the swinging items in this game.

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