The new Min-joon outfit in Fortnite is truly impressive

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Fortnite has brought in one of its best new outfits, Min-joon.

I rave all the time about the original costumes that Fortnite comes up with. They’re not all bangers, but the ones that do qualify as bangers, are truly special. There’s usually one or two original outfits released each season that fall into this category of being super special. In my personal opinion, Min-joon is one of those designs.

The official Fortnite description for Min-joo describes him as having “Irresistible charm. Undeniable power. Go undercover with the Rogue Alias pack.”

For just $3.99 USD, you can now own Min-joon, who is available as part of the Rogue Alias Pack.

The pack comes with 600 V-Bucks, Min-joon, obviously, his Alpha Cylinder back bling, and his tactical geoms pickaxe. For those that don’t know, geom is Korean for a double-edged sword. The only downside is that there’s no wrap to be had with this purchase.

It’s under the Special Offers & Bundles section of the Fortnite shop

What makes Min-joon so unique in Fortnite?

The stylish design brings in Korean lore and culture with a modern-day twist. He’s decked out in very modern clothing, with ripped pants, a cool yellow jacket and what looks to be a black vest attached to it.

And almost as if he graduated from the Rob Liefeld school of pocket placement, he has a whole heap of pockets and pouches on his person.

The swords themselves are sleek and modern, and not at all double-sided, but that’s ok. It’s not the only part of him that embraces the Korean culture, as the patterns on the sword seem to lean into his heritage.

He’s sporting a stylish bandana with gold waves, that work well with his overall look. Yet, it’s the modern take on a classic-ninja face covering that really pulls the whole look together and gives him a sense of mysteriousness. It’s a classic superhero idea, cover the face, create some mystique.

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