Fortnite’s Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) is an overpowered mess and I love it

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Fortnite introduced the DMR and it’s the best rifle in the game.

Fortnite has a habit of introducing weapons that are either too powerful or not powerful enough. The Designated Marksman Rifle, or DMR for short, is one of the few guns where I believe the game has found the perfect balance of power, ease but also difficulty.

The rifle is less your standard assault rifle and more closer to that of a sniper. It’s powerful, with most shots hitting in the high 40s, but it balances that with a small clip. Less than your standard assault rifle but more than the typical sniper.

Its range abilities make it exceptional if you’re not looking to reload after every shot, as you would the heavy sniper rifle and you’re not going to be frustratingly reloading if you miss a single shot. It’s not great for super long distances but you’re not going to be hurting if you’re targeting is far-ish away.

The DMR has its shortcomings, mainly its short-range attacks

The good role of thumb for Fortnite is to get a close-range weapon, your pistols, shotguns, etc, a mid-range weapon, your rifles usually go here, and a sniper rifle. Then you carry a healing item (if you’re only carrying one healing item; max out on the chug splashes), and maybe a grenade or a Rift-to-Go.

With the DMR, you’re going to need at least one other weapon as the gun is absolute bonk in close ranges situations. Now, I’ve been lucky and got a few from up close, but you’re much better off switching to the Hammer Assault Rifle, or something like an SMG or shotgun.

That’s where the DMR’s high rate of fire and heavy damage is regulated, once you’re in a room with someone, that gun is basically useless.

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