Fortnite is getting a motorcycle in Season 3 and its long overdue

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Fortnite is bringing back a motorized cycle for fans to use.

Fans really loved the Quadcrashers that Fortnite introduced. They were a four-wheel with some incredible boast ability. If you ever got your hands on one, you know how incredibly fun they were, and with the mini-plow on the front of it, you were able to cause some serious destruction with one.

They even had little antlers on them for the Christmas theme to start Chapter 3, Season 1. They were tremendously cool. Unfortunately, they were vaulted during Chapter 3, Season 2, as they didn’t fit the vibe of the season that Fortnite was putting forward. The devs wanted players to use the tanks and battle buses, not the four-wheelers.

Fans however will be getting their replacement sooner rather than later with the revelation of the new motorcycles that are coming to Fortnite.

New motorcycles are coming to Fortnite

According to HYPEX on Twitter, the new vehicle will be a two-seater, like the Quadcrasher, and have a boast mechanic, like the Quadcrasher. It’ll also have a drifting ability which will just be tremendous fun.

The return of some sort of motorized bicycle has been long-discussed, dating back to the beginning of Chapter 3, Season 3. There are some who believe that the new motorcycle won’t be introduced until Chapter 3, Season 4, but that seems highly unlikely that the developers would need four months to further complete something they already have the base for.

HYPEX also revealed that beyond the motorcycle, a new surfboard was coming to the game. While they don’t seem very practical in a traversal sense, they could be used as new gliders or some other cosmetic addition.

That said if the game is able to find a way to make surfboards useful in-game, then that would be the perfect summer addition.

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