Fortnite wants your help in re-building Tilted Towers with The Block

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You can help re-design Fortnite’s Tilted Towers with The Block

Fortnite needs your help rebuilding one of their most popular cities, Tilted Towers. For the second time in the area’s history, it’s been left asunder. It’s got to be said that rent in Tilted Towers must be super cheap, considering it, you know, always gets wrecked.

It was destroyed once before on the other side of the island back in the earlier chapters of the game and was revealed to have returned in Chapter 3, Season 1, after the snow that covered the area melted away.

Global warming is even hitting Fortnite now, sheesh. If you want to see Tilted Towers return to its former glory, you can help.

Help rebuild Tilted Towers with The Block

The Block is back and fans can now submit their own designs to Fortnite which will be added to the Tilted Towers area of the Fortnite map. These new designs will replace several buildings that were destroyed during the Imagined Order and The Seven’s war.

The previous buildings will not return, for those wondering. The winners of the new Block competition will permanently replace them.

Fans can submit their own designs for Tilted Towers courtesy of The Block. The Block was created back in 2018 and was a fan competition to create a new point of interest on the map. The winner’s design would replace Risky Reels on the Island.

To help Fortnite rebuild Tilted Towers, you can go to the Epic Games’ official submission page here, and post your best effort. You better hurry though, as the submission window is only open until June 13, 2022.

After that, fans will likely vote on the winners to be added to Tilted Towers.

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