6 things we want back for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

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Here are six things we want back in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

Fortnite brought in a lot of great items over the last two seasons, but with Chapter 3, Season 3 upon us, there are a few items we’re hoping the game brings back. After all, Fortnite is constantly vaulting and unvaulting items through the game’s run, so this isn’t going to be anything new.

There are items we hope get unvaulted and brought back to the island, however. Things that make the game more fun, a bit easier, and at the same time a bit harder. Things that change up the gameplay and the expectations of how players play.

We’re hoping we get our hands on these items for the upcoming season, but it’s very likely we’ll have to wait sometime before we ever see them again.

Here are six things we want to see come back in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

Flare Guns

Not only could they help light up the location of your enemies in the game, but a well-placed shot (or not even that well-placed), would end up doing damage to your opponents and setting the surrounding area on fire for a double-dose of damage.

Recon Scanners

Fortnite needs fewer surprises and more recon scanners. Being able to identify where your opponents are is key in games like this, so I’m surprised these items aren’t more common.

Grenade Launchers

We’ve dealt with an entire season-plus of terrible explosive weapons. Bring back the grenade launcher so that we may be able to destroy large portions of our surroundings without even moving.

Rocket Launchers

The Anvil Rocket Launcher was a dud that only did damage to specific parts of the map or to vehicles. A more traditional rocket launcher may not be as accurate but would be more versatile.


I love the Bows, I’m highly accurate with the Bows and I won a lot of matches with the bows. I don’t care if no one else wants them back, I do.


I loved surfing on tornados.

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