5 items that probably won’t be back in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

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These are five items we don’t think will make it into Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

Fortnite is preparing for Chapter 3, Season 3, and there are going to be some huge changes that come to the island on Sunday. Yet with all the wonderful things we’ve had to play with over the last two seasons, there are guaranteed to be items we see leave that we don’t want to.

Now, for the sake of this, any item is going to be classified as anything that isn’t a gun of some kind. So anything like an explosive device, medical item, support item or anything that doesn’t go “bang” is going to be on this list.

So with that said, let’s say get ready to say goodbye to these five items heading into the next season.

Here are five items we don’t see making it into Chapter 3, Season 3


Balloons give players the ability to traverse the map pretty quickly and allow players to give unique angles thanks to the height provided by them. They’re not going to keep you out of harm’s way when someone finds you but if you’re looking to get the drop on someone, they’re your pick. Unfortunately, they’re too much fun so we think they’re getting vaulted.

Air Strike

These have been a dud, in my opinion. They don’t have a wide range, they’re way too easily avoidable unless you’re in a multi-level, layered structure and even then you likely won’t get hit. I haven’t seen anyone eliminated by an Air Strike and that’s because of how telegraphed they are. They were all promise and little delivery.


The Fortnite eye-sore. You can heal in the tents and store items for the next match but they’re not that used per game, and frankly, it’s time to just get rid of the eye sore they’ve become.

Thermal Fish

With the rumor of the island losing its water in Chapter 3, Season 3, all of the fish are in danger but none more so than this rarity.

Remote Explosives

I don’t see tanks returning to the island, so why would the item created to stop tanks be brought back?

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