4 weapons that probably won’t be back in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

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These are four weapons we don’t think will make it into Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

Fortnite over the last two seasons has brought in an incredible amount of fun new toys to play with. From the tanks to the air raid grenades to the drum shotgun. The chaos and mayhem a player has been able to inflict have been near all-time highs thanks to the fine selection of new weaponry and items.

But, Chapter 3, Season 3 is hours away, and the likelihood that we get to keep all of these fine new toys seems unlikely.

The game has a tendency to reset all of its weapons each season save for a few core, base weapons. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that’s going to happen again and these are the four weapons I think are getting axed for the new season.

Here are four weapons we don’t see coming back

Drum Shotgun

The drum shotgun is easily the best shotgun the game has, and it’s very likely that the weapon finds itself in the vault to start Chapter 3, Season 3. It’s very powerful and weapons like that don’t last too long.

Thermal Rifle

The drum shotgun is a personal favorite, but the thermal rifle has become one of my favorite weapons to play with. The ability to spot targets from across a region with the thermal scope has made sniping and long-range action so much better. It’s a great weapon and great weapons don’t last in Fortnite.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

The heavy sniper rifle is a weapon that has value for the damage done in a single shot but its one-bullet magazine makes it not nearly as effective as other snipers, making the gun completely expendable.

Anvil Rocket Launcher

I don’t believe the tanks will be back in Chapter 3, Season 3, so I don’t believe there’s a purpose for the Anvil Rocket Launcher anymore.

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