Balloons have been unvaulted and it’s time get crazy

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Balloons have won the voting and it’s time to get nuts.

Fans of Fortnite have been hoping for a decisive winner between the Shield Bubble and Balloon since the two were last pitted against one another several weeks ago. The Shield Bubble appealed more to Zero Build players and team battles, while the Balloons were every solo player’s dreams come true.

The Shield Bubble created a bubble of sorts that extended out a fair distance and prevented players from shooting in but not from walking in and shooting you on the spot. The Balloons allow you to release one, two, or three balloons at a time to help you either traverse the map or gain serious altitude over the course of a battle. Though the three balloons are limited and the third will always pop relative soon.

The Balloons and Shield Bubble were pitted against one another in another round of fan voting, much similar to the voting of two different rifles, the Rift-To-Go and Boogie Bombs, and now of course the Balloons and Shield Bubble.

It’s no surprise that the Balloons won, considering how ineffective the Shield Bubble is.

The Shield Bubble fails to be as effective as it could be

I think inherently the Balloons won because there is no way to implore the floor on them. Sure, you’d like to be able to keep all three balloons inflated longer, and maybe being able to carry more than 10 at a time would help elevate its ceiling, but the floor of the balloons is pretty secured.

For the Shield Bubble, however, unless you’ve deployed it on a vehicle somehow, the device just doesn’t work. Sure, it’s great for detouring sniper fire, but what about guys walking up with shotguns? It doesn’t stop them from entering.

The floor on the Shield Bubble is really quite bad, and that’s why I feel it lost this round of voting.

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