Shadow Bombs are going to be wild in Fortnite

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Fortnite is making a call to unvault the shadow bombs

Fortnite is really upping the standard for what to expect in Fortnite during season two. Chapter 3 has been among the best chapters in history, introducing modern items that are instant classics like sprinting, Zero Builds, over-shields, and bringing in great items like the tanks.

Not only have they really upped their game in great stuff that they introduced in the last two seasons of the third chapter, but they’ve brought back some great things, like the thermal assault rifle, various shotguns, and now the air raid.

It’s been a lot of fun to use these items, especially as a newer fan who only started playing last fall. Now the folks at Fortnite are bringing back another item, the Shadow Bomb and I’m excited.

The Shadow Bombs are really going to make players mad

I’ve never used or even seen the Shadow Bombs before but from gameplay footage, they seem incredibly fun to use, especially for a player like me who enjoys the quiet sniping of it all. Using this will turn you into a hard-to-see shadowy form of yourself, and allow you to sneak around enemies to get the advantage.

That’s the perfect item to use if you want to get a bit more stealthy with your eliminations. Just imagine throwing one of these bad boys before coming up behind someone with a shotgun and letting all hell rain down on them.

Granted, this is going to upset players for that very reason. Any time you have an item that even gives an opposing player a perceived advantage, some will cry about how it’s unbalanced. Yet, these same players will then use any type of SMG and not see the irony in their crying.

I for one, love unbalanced and dumb stuff like the Shadow Bomb. I can’t wait to see it in action.

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