The winner between the balloons and shield bubble is obvious

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It may not seem obvious but there was a clear winner in the latest round of voting.

The folks at Fortnite unvaulted the Shield Bubble and the Balloons for their latest round of fan voting. They were only unvaulted for three days, being revaulted on May 16. It was a trial period to allow fans to test out the Shield Bubble and the Balloons, prior to the official voting period.

The Shield Bubble produced a large energy field that kept people from shooting players. It’s great for vehicle protection and group scenarios but it wasn’t great for Battle Royale situations, as players can just walk in and start shooting you without any concern for it.

The balloons are better for battle royale scenarios, as you can use them to traverse the map faster and escape from enemies by using multiple ones at a single time, but they take up an inventory spot and you really need to use all of them to get their full effectiveness. So you’re not going to be able to just dump them like some items if you want to get the full experience.

In the battle of Balloons vs. Bubble Shield, the answer is obvious

The Shield Bubble is supposed to keep you from being shot, but that’s just not possible if enemies are running in after you. The balloons, on the other hand, work as advertised. Sure, a good or persistent player will still be able to tag you from a distance, but that’s not as common as a player or two or more, running into your bubble to mow you down.

The bubble should permit the player from being unhittable for while it’s up, not just for as long as they stay outside of it. If you were able to permit players from entering it as well, then it’d be a lock.

That’s not the case though.

The balloons allow for a quick escape not just from other players but the storm as well. If you have a shield device that doesn’t protect you in place, then you need to be on the move. The balloons allow you to move better.

That’s why the balloons need to win.

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