Robocop joining Fortnite is long overdue but it’s missing one key thing

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Robocop is in Fortnite and it’s about time!

Robocop is in Fortnite and while you may be ok buying that for a dollar, it’s going to cost a bit more to get your hands on Robocop. The iconic character of the 1980s is in Fortnite and he’s bringing with him a miniature ED-209, and well, parts of him as well.

The character looks like Robocop, the iconic character of the 1980s that Peter Weller brought to life so wonderfully, and with him comes one of ED-209’S legs to serve as a pickaxe and another that serves as back bling. The back bling/pickaxe is cleverly named LEG-209 and it’s absolutely charming as heck.

The character also thankfully doesn’t run like Robocop does in the films. If you remember, he had a menacing but slow-of-foot gate that really didn’t translate well to anything competitive. Robocop no longer has those limitations in the world of Fortnite, yet that’s not to say this is a perfect purchase.

Robocop is lacking some stuff in his character profile

I’m not big on wasting money on cosmetics but if it’s a franchise I like, I’m going to pony up. I got Guile and a few other Street Fighter characters for that reason and I ponied up for Robocop. He’s one of the all-time great characters in cinema and that first film is iconic.

That said, while the mini ED-209 emote is cute, the fact they didn’t bring in any of his iconic lines from the film for at least a single emote is sad. His classic “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me”, would make for great personalized celebrations.

After all, characters like Guile and Chun-Li have personalized celebrations that can’t transition from character to character so why not Robocop? Having him do his little gun twirl while repeating that iconic line would have made his top tier.

He’s still worth having if you’re a fan, but they definitely could’ve done more.

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