Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 live event alludes to mech’s returning

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Fortnite will have a big surprise for fans for its next live event.

If you’re a big fan of giant monsters fighting giant robots, you’re going to love the Chapter 3, Season 2 live event. The event will feature some sort of battle between the Seven’s Mecha Team Leader and some sort of creature from the Imagined Order.

This isn’t the first time that Fortnite has gone full Power Rangers with their season-ending event, back in season one featured a giant monster and a giant mech. These very same two entities are now being involved in season two of Chapter three, with the Mecha Team Leader logo appearing in the form of a new tweet.

Considering the remains of the monster that the Mecha Team Leader fought can be found on the map in season two, it’s no wonder that the mech leader is about to return to the battlefield as well

Fortnite has made changes to the game giving fans more Mecha Team Leader

Fans of the game may have seen a big update to their lobbies recently. If you logged into Fortnite anytime soon, you may recognize that the background for the lobby is a bit different than what you’ve been seeing all year.

Now players load into the game, seemingly, on the moon where they can see the remains of Mecha Team Leader in the background. The Seven has a message for fans,

“It’s Time to Rebuild – Resistance Week 9. Gather parts and intel to help The Seven rebuild their offensive against the Imagined Order.”

With that fans can all but guarantee a giant battle to end season two, where Mecha Team Leader will be rebuilt to fight The Imagined Order’s monster and newest doomsday weapon that was just introduced.

The event is set for two weeks from now and we’ll know what to expect when that goes down.

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