Fortnite’s brings back Short Nite Film Festival for 2022

Epic Games
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Fortnite is really trying to be the last stop in all things entertainment with Short Nite Festival.

Leave it to Fortnite to be all-in on every form of entertainment. Not only are they a video game juggernaut, but they are sibling companies with Bandcamp, a musical provider, and now the good folks at Epic Games are bringing back the Short Nite Festival. The Festival combines gaming and short films.

Because that’s what Fortnite was missing, more reasons to keep the game running.

The event starts today, May 12, and come 2 PM Et, fans can use the Discover page of Fortnite’s game to find the new Short Nite row. The row will feature nine animated films, three premiering for the first time ever in-game, with a tenth being divided up into three parts as part of other films’ loop.

Like with other events, once you select the short you want to watch, you’ll be transferred to the theater room to watch that and the other eight films.

You can watch films with your friends too!

If you’re not like me, and you’re actually a social gamer, you can view these films with your buds. Parties up to eight can watch these shorts together. However, if you’re trying to watch it with more than seven others, the nine-plus of you will be divided up into other rooms.

If you really wanna get wild though, you can take it one step further and watch these shorts while you play Fortnite. That’s right, it’s Fortnite on Fortnite on Fornite, dawg. Xzibit would be so proud.

So if you were hoping to hop into Creative or Battle Royale (or other modes) and watch these shorts while you eliminate newbs, now you can. You just have to change the settings in-game and you’ll be able to get movie-quality shorts and top-tier gaming all with the picture-in-picture function.

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