Watch: Top5Gaming’s 20 Most Broken Fortnite Glitches

Epic Games, cubbe
Epic Games, cubbe /

Fortnite is a great game but it’s not perfect.

Fortnite is a constantly evolving game, and because it’s constantly evolving, it’s constantly having a minor issue or two that can’t be easily fixed. These minor nuisances are often referred to as glitches, and glitches are just part of video game life. It’s pretty common and everyone has experienced them at some point in time in their gaming lives.

I’ve experienced all sorts, especially in the early PS3 days when one-unnamed first-person shooter kept dropping me through the map floor, making it impossible to play.

So it’s not a sin to have glitches in Fortnite, and Top5Gaming on YouTube is trying all of the glitches in the game that they just found about. They revel some real interesting glitches that players are going to want to try for themselves.

My only experience: the boat glitch

Not all glitches are made equally, however. Or unmade? Most of these glitches have to be really pushed to find out. You’re not likely to find yourself in a situation where these issues pop up. For me, personally, I’ve only had a run-in with one glitch, and it’s only been recent since the last patch. The boats are just out of control.

It’s not every time, but sometimes I have to leave the boat and re-enter it, to stop it from spazzing out. I’ve seen this happen to other players as well, and it’s a dang near game-breaking glitch if you get caught in it while people are shooting.

You will eventually leave the boat if you want to but it isn’t exactly the easiest of things to do.

So what about you, which of these glitches have you run into while playing the game? Have you run into some that aren’t on this video? Let us know in the comment section below.

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