Is Fortnite’s Peely about to become a Banana in Pajamas

Peely is getting a new look, apparently and it’s going to be a controversial one.

Fans love Peely. I don’t get it, but they absolutely adore the banana-person hybrid. He’s probably the one character with the most designs, though Agent Jones may give him a run for his money, I’d have to check the numbers. Either way, he’s either the character with the most variants or at least one of them. That’s why it’s not hard to believe that Peely is getting yet another variant, but this time it may be a problem.

The new Peely outfit that fans think is coming is a night-time/pajama Peely. There are new Peely-themed cosmetics added to files recently, including an item called Bedside Nanner, which is back bling, and something called a Peelyjamas Wrap.

The new file is part of the V20.30 update, and they belong to the Banana Bunch Set, which contains two Peely costumes already; suggesting they’ll be available for sale as well. Since they rarely introduce new cosmetics without a new look, it’s very likely a pajama-themed Peely is coming.

And followed soon by the lawsuits.

Epic Games and Fortnite don’t remember Bananas in Pajamas apparently

If you were a betting man (or woman), you may be wise to put money down with some friends about a pajama-themed Peely angering the rights holders of Bananas in Pajamas (or Pyjamasas for you Aussies).

The children’s show aired over 300 episodes in the 90s and featured two pajama-clad Bananas doing things that pajama-clad Bananas want to do. The problem comes from the fact that Peely basically looks like an angry version of these creatures already and when the Australian Broadcasting Company (the presumed rights holders) see this Peely design, they very well may attempt to sue.

After all, if a kid with a backpack and Alfonso Ribeiro can suit for a dance, you better believe the Australian ABC will sue over copyright infringement.