Choppas have already arrived in Fortnite

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Wanting to fly around in Choppas? You already can!

Fortnite didn’t use to have vehicles, how crazy is that? Yes, there was a time when all you could do was run around and shoot people. Those old days must have been so lame. Yet, that’s all changed now. We have boats, cars, trucks, and even tanks these days. Another vehicle that won fans over was the Choppas, which are, as you can guess, helicopters.

They came into the game during Chapter 2, and when fans of Fortnite saw funding stations for the vehicles pop up after the last update, fans got super excited. It turns out, however, that, unlike past funding challenges, players didn’t have to wait long to get their hands on some Choppa fun in Fortnite for Season 3.

Despite the funding stations only going up recently, fans can already play with the flying machines in Fortnite, and while not all Choppas are available yet, the ones that are can be yours if you can get to them fast enough.

Where can you find Choppas in Fortnite?

The Choppas can be found at any Seven Outpost on the map in Fortnite. Outposts I through VII all have a Choppa in their location, save for VI, which is still funding its Choppa.

Though, it should be noted that I’ve played several matches since fans started talking about Choppas popping up, and I’ve yet to find them at their locations. Though I have seen one in-game, so I know they exist.

This might be a case of needing to get there quicker or a sign that not all versions of the game have the Choppas just yet. I’m on the Switch, and I’ve visited the outpost North West of Logjam Lumberyard and have not found one there yet.

So you may have to play a few games or wait a day or two, for you to get your hands on the vehicle. Sportskeeda has posted a map where you can find all the locations of the Choppas so far if you need help finding them.

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