Master Chief’s return to Fortnite is just in time for his new show

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Master Chief is back in the Fortnite store, a fitting addition.

Master Chief is back in the Fortnite store, and fans can add him to their collection. The addition comes on the heels of the Gears of War bundle, which sees their main character Marcus Fenix join the game too. While the two are both from franchises that throw the player into a war setting, Halo is far more in line with Fortnite’s broader appeal than Gears of War.

Halo rose to fame in part due to its multi-player component, much like Fortnite, but Halo’s storyline campaign also helped carry the franchise through the first three numbered titles. Once Halo 3 ended, the franchise fell apart, mostly because the story arc everyone was invested in had ended.

Yet, the character and the gameplay live on, and despite attempting to recapture the success with other titles, it seems the best bet for a Master Chief revival is in Fortnite. Both games are a bit silly, as Halo had enemy types that would literally run away when you came bowling through. That’s humor very in line with Fortnite and is rather not heard of in something like Gears of War.

Making Master Chief, and not Marcus Fenix, the right choice to add to the game.

Not only that, but the new Halo television series is off and running, and is nearing the end of its first season.

How much does Master Chief cost in the Fortnite store?

Master Chief is in the middle range for character outfits. Some of the bigger and newer outfits can cost around 2,000 V-Bucks, while some of the less impressive can be around 1,00 V-Bucks. Master Chief pretty much splits the difference at 1,500 V-Bucks.

  • Master Chief Outfit (1,500 V-Bucks)
  • UNSC Pelican Glider (1,200 V-Bucks)
  • Lil’ Warthog Emote (500 V-Bucks)
  • Gravity Hammer Pickaxe (800 V-Bucks)
  • Master Chief Bundle (2,600 V-Bucks)

As you can see, the price for his bundle goes up to 2,600 V-Bucks, so if you want the emote, glider, and pickaxe, you’re going to have to pony up a bit more.

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