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Fortnite content creator Maria “Chica” Lopez is the newest character of the Icon Series Set.

Fortnite is powered by its content creators far more than any other fanbase. Its entire status in the community is because of Twitch players bringing Fortnite to the forefront of the gaming sphere through their competitive Battle Royale streams. Fans saw how much fun it was and considering the issues facing Player Unknown’s Battle Ground around the same time, fans wanted a more streamlined experience. So Fortnite blew up. While the likes of Ninja helped launch the game, Maria “Chica” Lopez has been a huge contributor in recent years.

She’s one of the more popular and fun streamers of the game, and because of her work for the game and building her own fanbase in conjunction with her love of Fortnite, she’s been rewarded an Icon Series Set character, based on her likeness.

She unveiled the character model on her Twitch stream to over 25,000 real-time viewers. A huge number.

What will you get with the Chica Icon Series Set?

Chica’s Icon Series Set contains the traditional Fortnite items; an outfit, back bling, pickax, and a glider. For Cica, her back bling is a Star, then she has Aida’s Edge for her pickax, her emote is the Pollo Dance, she has a Pollito Spray and her outfit has five different styles; Prismatic Streak Style, Royale Streak Style, Shades Style, Hunter Mask Style and her default Style.

Her pix ax is available for both bundles and separately, as is her back bling. That’s not all that is coming with Chica’s design.

For the foreseeable future, you can play on her new creative map to celebrate her arrival in the game. Every island has a special code, and the code for her island is 8432-7199-6378. If you play it, let us know how you enjoyed it.

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