Re-balancing the shotgun was a silly mistake that Fortnite didn’t need to make

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Fortnite has re-balanced the shotguns in the game.

Fortnite is doing a great job rebalancing weapons to make them less fun. If you can’t tell by that opening statement, I’m not a fan. Fortnite has opted to drop the damage on many weapons recently, most notably the heavy sniper rifle.

The decision was met with some praise from the fandom but not from me. I like over-powred weapons, and I’m no slouch on this game. I like the concept of forcing players to be always on guard. Moving from region to region, and properly hiding all help keep you from being a victim of someone else’s overpowered weaponry.

If they can use these weapons, you can. Then it’s all about formatting a game plan. It’s how you get good, after all. So finding out that the shotguns, all of them, have been rebalanced in the v20.30 update, was rather disappointing.

Fortnite shotguns have a “max damage cap” now; lame

The Striker Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, and Drum Shotgun had their pellet-hit count increased from three to four per strike.

The Striker Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun had their pellet damage and headshot damage increased but capped. The Ranger Shot Gun and Drum Shotgun also had their headshot damage increased and capped, but the base pellet damage did not change.

The Drum Shotgun is also no longer as good from longer distances.

Some of these changes may seem great but knowing you can no longer one-shot a guy from close range, with a shotgun to the head, is rather disappointing. The only shotgun that can still surpass the 200-point damage mark is the Legendary Dragon’s Breath shotgun.

No other shotgun can surpass the 200-point mark anymore, and that’s so dang disappointing.

The only good news is that the Epic Games is going to see how fans react to the changes. So if you’re not happy about the changes, let them know (politely) that you’d like the shotguns returned to normal.

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