Rift-to-go’s were the right choice to keep in Fortnite

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Fortnite asked you, Rift-to-Go’s or Boogie Bombs, and you decided!

Fortnite loves asking fans to make the decisions. Usually, fans pick the right decision too. Not all the time but sometimes. The latest question that was asked of the fanbase was to pick Rift-to-Go’s or Boogie Bombs.

For newer fans, Rift-to-Go’s are emergency bug-out devices you can use to escape enemies or get ahead of the storm. They are little snow globes that when activated, the player-character shakes, and activates a rift right there. You then emerge from a rift in the sky, falling, and able to make a quick getaway through the air. They can be used whenever, so even if you’re not in any danger, they’re still fun to use.

Boogie Bombs are more unique than that. They’re grenades that explode and when they do, any enemies in the surrounding blast radius start dancing. In theory, these would be great, as you make other players instantly start moving and are therefore unable to defend themselves. The problem is the blast radius isn’t that wide and you can still move away from being attacked. They’re fine, but they’re far from perfect.

Fortnite fans picked the right device in the Rift-to-Go’s

Anything that helps you get away from players in Zero Build matchups is the right decision. Without the ability to build, you’re far more likely to be gunned down in a Zero Build game than you will be in a traditional game of Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Rift-to-Go’s allow a player trapped to bug out and get space from opposing players.

The Boogie-Bombs would be far more effective and fun to use if the blast radius was bigger and if fans could rely on them to be more efficient and a bit longer-lasting, so they can better take out their frustrations on dancing opponents.

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