The Omega Knight is cool and all but I don’t get the hype

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Fortnite brought in the Omega Knight but why the hype?

Folks can now play as the Omega Knight in Fortnite. He’s admittedly a cool character design. He combines a Diablo character, with a traditional English Black Knight, and some sort of modern cyber-ninja-looking character. It’s neat and fits the Fortnite vibe.

Yet, fans are talking about the Omega Knight as this big addition that fans are super excited about it and I just don’t see the fandom reacting that way, or why they should be. The character isn’t anything special and while his new pack comes with a challenge to get more of his outfits unlocked, that isn’t a hugely exciting thing on its own.

The character’s gold style has to be unlocked by completing 28 special quests over the next four weeks. There will be a bundle sold eventually, so keep an eye out for that. It may be available by the time you read this.

The Omega Knight will not return once he’s gone

The Fortnite store always has characters coming in and out for fans to purchase. We see past designs return all the time, Fortnite recently brought back the Street Fighter bundles alongside Blanka and Sakura’s releases. The Star Wars characters back in the game character are not first-time releases.

Same thing with Halo’s Master Chief and the Gears of War crew.

Yet, The Omega Knight will not be like Master Chief or Guile or Ryo. No, when The Omega Knight leaves the Store on June 3, 2022, the character will never return to Fortnite. This is done to help stimulate interest in the character, sure, but it’s also done to make the character that much more interesting in the long term.

He’s not the only character who will never return to the franchise, as another character, Monarch, was also given the same treatment not that long ago.

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