Marvel x Fortnite: Is Moon Knight already cooler than Prowler?

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Moon Knight and Prowler got released in the same week but who is cooler?

Fortnite surprised fans when they released a brand new Marvel skin from out of nowhere when Moon Knight was added to the game this week. This comes just days after Prowler was made available as this season’s Secret Skin, the attire players have to complete quests to unlock.

He came in with another Marvel character, Doctor Strange, who both proceeded the arrival of Spider-Man to the game.

His inclusion isn’t entirely unexpected, as the Disney+ featuring Oscar Isaac as the titular character just released not that long ago, and Fortnite is in the habit of getting their hands on anything and everything popular. So of course they’d land a deal to feature Moon Knight in their game.

The character is now available in the Fortnite store for 1,500 V-Bucks, and the outfit comes with three selectable styles, including the now very popular suited version of the character. Moon Knight’s cloak is the character’s back bling and his Crescent Darts are his pickaxe.

Moon Knight may overtake Prowler as the most popular new character

Before Thursday, Prowler was easily the most popular character in the game, least on the Nintendo Switch. There were easily a dozen or so per game it seemed. Now, however, Moon Knight has really started to pop up more and more, and that’s not entirely unexpected.

Both characters have a unique style, and both characters are Marvel owned. So there’s an inherent fandom attachment just through that alone, but the one thing that sets Moon Knight apart is that his look is far sleeker than Prowler’s.

Obviously, it’s subjective, and there are going to be people that prefer the purple and green vibrancy of Prowler’s costume. Yet, if you look at the Moon Knight attire, it’s easy to see why some fans would want to play with that design.

It just seems so much more menacing.

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