Fortnite has updated it’s Creative option with a few impressive new items

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Fans of Fortnite will want to check out the new options in Creative mode.

Fortnite is an extensive and interesting game that gives players and creators alike a wide array of things to do in the game. Yes, there are things like Battle Royale and various obstacle courses to run through, not to mention the other types of game modes that litter the franchise. One of its biggest tenants, something that Fortnite was built around, was its Creative mode.

The ability to design, craft, curate, and design your own level in Fortnite that you can have complete control over, and even invite your friends to play through. It’s one of the best features in the game and one of the most interesting things the franchise offer and they just improved it with a host of new options.

The prop mover has a new design, which will give players a bit better control over the tool.

There are a host of new additions that Fortnite News covered, but here are the big ones.

There’s a new Video Player that will allow you to play music videos on your personal island. This may open up the game to a host of new possibilities.

Then there’s the Water Device, which will allow users to create rivers and the like in order to make the island more to their liking. This means you can use aquatic vehicles, create fishing areas, make sewers or just swim.

Lastly is the VFX Creator, which will allow fans to create “divergent effects”.

Fortnite Creative is getting to be just as good as Battle Royale

Creating your own area is one of the best parts of the game but it’s not always been the easiest to do on a console, like say the Nintendo Switch. Creating these items makes going through Creative all the much more appealing.

It’s getting to the point where it could be seen as every bit as good as the Battle Royale, seeing how you don’t have to worry about players popping in and eliminating you while you’re playing.

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