Fortnite has finally released the Prowler outfit but how do you get it?

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The folks at Fortnite have finally released the Prowler outfit.

Fortnite is always releasing new outfits but some are more hyped than others. While I wouldn’t say Prowler is going to be the most popular for Chapter 3, Season 2, it’s certainly one of the better ones for the game. Yet, he’s not just available, you have to unlock him.

That’s right, Prowler is this season’s secret skin, and you have to do more than just purchase the Battle Pass for the season to get your hands on him.

There is seven challenges according to Fortnite News, that you have to pull off to get the character skin from Marvel.

"Do 500 damage to opponents whilst crouching or slidingUnlocks the Energy Claw PickaxeSearch 7 Chests before taking any damage in a matchUnlocks the Sky Prowler GliderGet 3 headshots on opponents with a thermal weaponUnlocks the Mark of the Prowler WrapMod a vehicle, then drive it 500 metres in a single matchUnlocks the Prowler’s Grasp EmoticonUse a Spray at The Daily BugleUnlocks the Prowler Tag SprayCollect 3 different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher in a single matchUnlocks a Prowler BannerCollect 300 BarsUnlocks the On The Prowl Loading Screen"

Prowler may hold a hint to an upcoming Spider-Man character coming into Fortnite

The character of Prowler is a pretty big deal for some fans, but it could even be a bigger deal considering the character has some dialogue that alludes to the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The dialogue that is lifted from the film is a line that Prowler says to his nephew, Miles Morales, the main Spider-Man of the film. Considering the game just brought in Peter Parker’s Spider-Man for Chapter 3, Season 1, and then subsequent versions of the character, as well as Mary Jane, the idea that they could bring in Morales is a real possibility.

Only time will tell if they actually will bring the character in, however.

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