Fortnite will see Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic items pop up into the game soon

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Fortnite will see new items from their Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Comic come to the game.

Fortnite is pretty much the king when it comes to cross-promotions in video games. They’re so good at cross-promotions in video games, that they’re cross-promoting with Marvel and somehow, themselves. The massive giant in the video game realm is crossing over with Marvel to create the Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War comic for the Mickey Mouse brand.

The comic is a five-issue, mini-series, and will feature Fortnite characters from Chapter 3, going over to the world of Marvel. Agent Jones is among the names you’ll notice from the Fortnite side of things, while Wolverine and Spider-Man are representing the Marvel side of things.

The first issue is coming out in June, with each subsequent issue released monthly after, barring any issues with the line.

If you were thinking this comic would somehow pop up in the game at some point, boy, you sure have been around for a while. Yes, the Fortnite X Marvel crossover event will in fact be brought to the game.

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic brings items to Fortnite

If you are so hyped for this crossover that you’re going to go out and get every issue, you may be hoping that the comic somehow crosses over to the game to some degree and your hopes are about to be answered.

Five items will be added to the game from the Zero War miniseries, and while it’s not clear, it seems as though the items will be released in conjunction with the release date of the comic. You may not need to buy the comic to get the item, but that’s the part that’s not very clear. What is clear, however, is if you do buy all five comics, you’ll get a bonus sixth item.

So are you getting with this new comic bundle?

According to Fortnite News, this is what’s on deck;

"Issue #1 – Marvel Outfit [A]Issue #2 – Marvel WrapIssue #3 – Marvel PickaxeIssue #4 – Marvel SprayIssue #5 – Marvel Loading ScreenBonus Reward – Marvel Outfit [B]"

So if you’re hoping for some new Marvel-centric items, this is your chance.

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