Watch: Top5Gaming’s “31 Fortnite Secrets YOU DIDN’T KNOW!”

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Fortnite fans will want to check out this new video from Top5Gaming.

For those new to the space, Top5Gaming is a Fortnite-centric YouTube channel that focuses on Fortnite news, rumors, tips, and tricks. They often make videos that fans should watch, as they help explain the game to new players and those less-obsessed with it compared to others.

Top5Gaming just released a  new video that really helped expand on some of the lesser-known facts of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. It’s not the deepest of secrets, but there is a lot here that even I didn’t know and that’s saying something.

Top5Gaming does great work compiling these videos and there’s always something new that people learn from them. While we talked about some stuff before, like the G.H.O.S.T. flag at the Daily Bugle and Klombo, but there were a lot of things we didn’t know.

5 of the best things we learned from the video

The tombstone

Being able to set a Fortnite record and then be honored for it with a tombstone in a spot where you eliminated is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard about in gaming history. I personally am always trying to get huge gains as that player got, so here’s to us trying to one-up him.

Family Guy is apparently coming to Fortnite

If Peter Griffin from Family Guy is really coming to Fortnite then that will be one of the biggest additions in some time. I fully expect to see way too many Griffins’ running around.

The Imagined Order Guards use the same techniques as the players

I knew this was a thing but I didn’t even realize it. The IO guards are all over the map but its in the blimps you see a lot of the new techniques and that was something I noticed but never realized.

The canon-blimp shot trick

I’m about to go try this right now.

New vehicles

Older vehicles like the Choppas and Ballers coming back is great news for me, as I’m a “newer” player and I never got to play with these in-game before.

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