Fortnite is failing single player fans by ignoring Fortnite: Save the World

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The single-player campaign, Fortnite: Save the World, needs better treatment.

I like Fortnite’s Battle Royale, I like Fortnite. It’s a fun, and easy game to get into. It’s a very hard game to master, however. The one thing I didn’t like about buying it for the Switch was that it was just the online version of the game. I was hoping there’d be a single-player mode and was told there was.

And there is, it’s called Fortnite: Save the World and frankly, it’s not worth your time. This is a dang shame, as the game has a lot of potentials but Epic treats it as the ugly step-child of the Fortnite brand and doesn’t put any real effort into it at all. Considering the vast and spiraling styles of gameplay the online version can handle, imagine what a more single-focused game can achieve when it’s not trying to carry so many players at once?

Fortnite: Save The World could be a true game-changer

Think about the history of No Man Sky. The game came out of the gates and fell apart, but through dedication and hard work, the game managed to actually live up to the lofty expectations that players put on it. Fortnite: Save The World could be the same thing for Fortnite. It could be a completely different source of cash for the brand, but they actually have to put some effort into the game.

The franchise already tells the story of Fortnite through comics and other media, so why not incorporate the actual story of Fortnite’s Battle Royale into the Save The World game.

Let players solve mysteries and explore larger elements of the Fortnite game through the single-layer version. It would allow more fans to be able to understand the immense and complicated story that Fortnite is telling, without the need for so many YouTube channels to do it.

If they revamped the game so that all the missions are on the Island, just a single-player version, fans will get far more for their money than just having to play the online, multi-player option.

It’s not likely to happen but it would be a huge treet to longtime Fortnite fans to be able to play a game at their own pace, with rich lore and quests, without constantly needing to worry about opposing players ruining their time.

Imagine being able to do the whole Imagined Order and The Seven storyline without other players? You could actually take your time and explore as you see fit.

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