The new Fortnite x Coachella skins are really ordinary and tacky

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It’s a swing and a miss for the Fortnite x Coachella brand skins.

Fortnite announced a new partnership with the Coachella music festival. The trendy multi-day concern has become very popular over the last few years, as it claims to be a meeting of music and art. It’s no different than any other long concert, but it’s trendy.

So that’s why it’s here.

Being trendy isn’t a bad thing, not for Fortnite execs, they love trendy. It brings in the casual to their game. So it’s not surprising that the Fortnite and Coachella brands got together to release the Fortnite x Coachella branded items.

That’s fine, I just wish that the outfits and designs weren’t so pedestrian. Maybe it’ll surprise you, maybe it won’t but I find these really simple outfits to be uninspiring and dull but a genuine waste of money. It’s one thing to buy a character that’s different, say Peely for instance. It’s even one thing to buy a popular character like Deadpool.

But to drop real money so your character can wear a tank top? Yikes.

Ranking the four new Fortnite x Coachella skins

4. The Wilder Outfit

The Wilder Outfit is either a normal-skinned or blue-skinned avatar with a crooked hat and a tank top. The blue-skinned avatar is called the Cosmic Equalizer and the beats appear to be reactive on the skin. So if you’re around music, it seems as though your attire will react to them.

3. The Alto Outfit

The Alto Outfit has a great pair of sunglasses but you’re mostly paying for a tye-dyed shirt. It’s fine, but not worth the money.

2. The Lyric Outfit

The Lyric Outfit is similar to the Wilder Outfit but is actually much better designed. The female version of the Wilder, Lyric comes with the same Cosmi Equalizer design, and that’s the design that makes it worth purchasing. The blue skin, white hair, and big hat are really eye-catchers, plus her pickaxe is an electric guitar.

1. The Poet Outfit

The Poet Outfit comes with a space helmet, which I think you can wear. That right there is tops. Yet, the neon-colored braids really pop, and her attire is very vibrant. I’m a big fan of colors and the neon’s pink and green, with the black, blue, and green really just vibes well. This is one that is worth your money for sure.

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