3 new map updates for Fortnite fans, is a major character returning?

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There are three new changes to locations in Fortnite’s latest hotfix update.

The ever-changing world of Fortnite is just that, ever-changing. With the war between the Imagined Order and The Seven ongoing, things are likely to change all the time. Be it new weapons, new gear (the Jetpack), or even just changes to the map.

The latest changes to the map came courtesy of the v20.10 Hotfix update from the other day. That update added the Egg Launcher, the jetpack, and now several changes to the map itself.

These changes are now in effect. if you’re wondering what has changed and don’t feel like exploring yourself, we have your hookup, thanks in part to the folks at Fortnite News.

Here are the three updates to the Fortnite map

The Daily Bugle Blimp

The Daily Bugle blimp went down and is now stuck in the ocean to the east of the mainland, among the island chains. We discussed the downed blimp before and how we thought it was a missed opportunity but it’s a major change to the game’s map. So check it out if you wish.

The Daily Bugle

With the blimp gone, the Daily Bugle is now free of the Imagined Order, and The Seven have updated the area. They reclaimed the whole region and even debuted their new tanks; which are just Imagined Order tanks painted blue, but still. One curious thing, the flags hanging in the Seven’s newly regained Daily Bugle area, aren’t The Seven Flags. In fact, they look just like the flag of Fortnite villain Midas. Does that mean that Midas and The Seven are working together?

Outpost Dash Destroyed

Lastly, the outpost near the lighthouse, Outpost Dash, has been destroyed by The Seven. Not too shocking, considering its proximity to the Daily Bugle.

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