5 things to know about using the jetpack in the latest Fortnite patch

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Fans can use the Jetpack again in Fortnite but how do you use it?

Fans should be excited about this, as the jetpack is back! The jetpacks can be found in the blimps above the island. There are usually two, sometimes four in the main portion of the blimp, with another two in the tail section, and another one or two in the cockpit of the blimp.

Altogether, you can probably expect to find six jetpacks per blimp if you’re lucky. There might even be more depending on where they all are.

The jetpacks have made the game very interesting but if you’re looking to drop into a specific region that doesn’t have a blimp, you’re going to be out of luck on getting your hands on one unless you make your way over to one.

So when you do get your hands on the jetpack, what should you know when you get one?

5 things to know about using the jetpack

It’s not exactly “fast”

The jetpack is great for getting away from the storm or other players but be careful, it isn’t exactly a fast item. You’ll still be plenty open to taking damage, and if you’re in a race, you’re probably going to lose. Yet, if you can still make a heady getaway if needed, and it’s at least fast enough to get you away from the storm.

It has a limit to how long you can stay in the air

The jetpack has a length of time you can stay in the air. So be careful to keep an eye on the back of your jetpack. The limit you’re able to stay in the air is not tied to your jetpack’s fuel tank; these are different things.

It has an energy limit before it runs out

Like with anything else in the game, the jetpack has only a finite amount of gas/energy per pack. So be sure you aren’t abusing it when you can’t replace it easily.

It can’t be refilled

If it can be refilled, it can’t be at gas pumps. I’ve not found any way to recharge the pack; so like with the web slingers from the past season, once it’s out, it’s out.

You take damage from falls

Be careful how high you go with the jetpack, as you will take damage or even eliminate yourself should you fall from such a great height. You can taper your descent, so be sure to do that and avoid incurring any damage.

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