Should Fortnite continue to make certain items hard to acquire?

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Epic Games, Fortnitemares /

Fortnite fans consistently miss items due to their availability time.

Fortnite fans who were hoping to get The Three Strikes Set before it was too late, but despite Major League Baseball’s opening day beginning on Thursday, and the first set of games being played through the weekend, by Sunday the popular designs were already taken off the game’s store.

This upset some fans, but this isn’t a new trend by any means. This is standard practice. If you don’t log into the game or check online every day, there is little to no chance that you’ll get your hands on these items, prompting a massive question;

Is it time for Fortnite to extend the availability of these items? After all, not all fans can get them when they are first released and as we’ve seen elsewhere, some items are only around for so long before they’re gone.

There are reasons for Fortnite to change and to stay the course

There are reasons for Fortnite to change this exclusionary tactic, and reasons to keep it. On the keeping it front, it allows Fortnite to roll out popular, but rarely seen outfits in order to goose their bottom line. They make millions of dollars a week from this practice and it works. In doing so, fans keep being able to beat their chest a little bit, due to the rarity of these outfits, creating a sense of accomplishment that they were able to get their hands on them before they were taken off the shelf.

Yet, not all fans can afford to buy them when they first come out, making it an equity issue. Why are fans who can’t afford to purchase these items being punished? Maybe they only have X-amount of money to spend on non-essentials per paycheck. Extending the availability allows for fans to save up some extra cash to purchase these items. Plus, extending them makes it more likely that a fan who doesn’t play daily can still get in on these releases.

There is no “right” way forward, but maybe Fortnite can split the difference and release certain looks more often if they don’t extend the availability of these items.

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