Ranking all 9 of Peely’s outfits in Fortnite as of Chapter 3, Season 2

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Peely has nine outfits so far in Fortnite and we’re ranking them.

Peely is one of the most popular character skins in all of Fortnite history and for the life of me, I don’t know why. He’s a giant banana, with black, beady eyes. He’s weird, he’s creepy at times and I just don’t get it. Yet, fans do, and they love him. They love him so much that he has some of the most unique designs of any character in the franchise.

Nine to be exact.

He’s so popular, his Polar Peely design was one of the free giveaways during the Christmas event from 2021. So to say that he’s something fans won’t shut up about at times would be fair.

So we’re going to rank the Peely’s for you today because he’s weird and I’m doing all that I can to better understand the love affair.

Ranking all nine of Peely’s outfits from Fortnite

9. Peely Bone

Peely Bone makes me want to yack. Half his body is exposed for all to see and see you can. His bones, organs, and peel are all out and about for all to see. It’s yack-worthy for sure.

8. Toon Peely

I was never a fan of this style of cartoon, and I’m not a fan of it here. I didn’t like Cuphead’s style, or Steamboat Micky, so this one is a hard pass for me. It doesn’t make me want to yack though. I mean, it does, but only because it’s lame.

7. Potassius Peels

A Roman banana? I’m sure this made someone at Epics chuckle. I wasn’t that person, however.

6. Unpeely

This one is actually pretty original. He’s Peely on vacation, minus the peel. Still, he’s a giant banana wearing board shorts. Pass.

5. Agent Peely

James Peely, Peely Bond, James Peely Bond Jr. Peely? All better names, but this was a weak design. He’s a banana, in a suit. Get it?

4. Peely

Sure, I guess the original is fine, for a giant banana.

3. Polar Peely

The Polar Peely design is actually pretty interesting. Not for the banana of it all, but because the color and pattern really pop.

2. P-1000

Ok, this is as high as it is because I love Terminator 2: Judgement Day and puns. The P-1000? I love it. The idea of a giant banana chasing down John Connor? Yes, please.

1. P33ly

A banana ninja? Color me, intrigued…

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