Downed blimps is an opportunity lost in Fortnite’s latest update

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The blimps are coming down as Chapter 3, Season 2 progresses.

Fans who logged into Fortnite today no doubt saw the blimp that was once over the Daily Bugle is now residing in the ocean off the eastern part of the island. This is a sign that the “war” between the Imagined Order and the Seven is underway in earnest. With the blimp gone, the area it was under, the Daily Bugle now returns to a normal point of interest.

For fans, the downed blimp provides a new item to go out and explore and that’s exactly what I did. I made my way to the downed blimp, hoping that it’d be explorable to some degree. It was submerged partially in the water but several of the doors were accessible still.

Yet, while you can climb all over the parts that are above the water, what you can’t do is actually explore inside of it. This is a definite missed opportunity for the developers to add some cool loot or some interesting secrets.

Fortnite should make downed blimps explorable

The fact that Fortnite, a game usually pretty good at putting in secrets, wouldn’t really do much with this is a bit of a letdown. Admittedly, I didn’t check every part of the blimp (I was getting shot at), but not making the most immediate doors accessible is pretty weak.

It would’ve been a great idea to have the whole thing explorable, especially if it meant submerging the player. Diving deep really isn’t a gameplay mechanic explored too ineptly at the moment. That would be an awesome thing to see change.

Maybe make it a challenge, have players swim through debris, and be rewarded with some nifty weapons or accessories. It’s unlikely they do anything about it, however, as they seem pretty content to skate until Chapter 3, which is coming in about seven weeks or so.

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