After 2 years one rare outfit is coming back to Fortnite

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Fortnite has brought back a classic for fans.

If you’re a newer player of Fortnite, you may not realize just how rare some times are for players. While Fortnite doesn’t really do the pay-to-win format, they aren’t exactly known for releasing all its all the time either. They make most of their money from skins and the ability to swap your character palette at any given time.

This is a smart model, as they can keep the game mostly free-to-play without forcing players to spend gobs of money to stay competitive. The downside is, that if you see a design you actually want to spend money on to have, it may not be available.

Fortnite makes a lot of money off this model, so when a cool or older design finally does come back into the shop, it’s always best to hop on it when it’s there because there’s no telling when it’ll be on there again.

That’s why we highly recommend getting the item most recently returned to the shop, as it’s been 955 days since it was last available for purchase.

The Vector outfit is back, alongside the Swamp Scape wrap for Fortnite fans

Fortnite fans will want to hop on the new Vector outfit, which has been gone for 955 days. According to Fortnite News, it was the 8th rarest outfit from the shop. That may either mean that it’s the eighth rarest outfit among players who own it, or it may mean that it’s the 8th longest in-between times made available.

The outfit itself isn’t the best. It’s got a nice color palette of more of a teal blue/green along with a black outfit, purplish skin, and a more vibrant teal for the hair. The color looks but he mostly looks like a cross between Lord of the Rings’ Legolas and Star Trek: Prodigy’s Dal R’El.

Still, who knows when it’ll be back in the store, so hop on this now.

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